“Run like a bunny.” But I didn’t know what bunnies ran like. I was from NY and had only every seen chocolate ones. If she had said run like a squirrel I might not have been sacked.


mama k's true stories

It was a whole summer of dog day afternoon killer heat in NYC, the sort when you can see it , in a certain light, come off in waves from the pavement. That if you dropped your shopping from Associated, and it had eggs in it, they might just fry lightly ( over easy) on the side walk.
I can recall my mother in her suit and sneakers. It was the look back then, suit to show you were professional, sneakers to show you walked faster than tourists or people who didn’t have jobs to run to. Shoulder pads to, I dunno what they were for, I guess to make us look like footballers, athletic. Or Joan Crawford. It was a look that said getthefuggouddamyway, I got a briefcase, I gotta life, I got letters to type and phone calls to answer and I am going to do this faster…

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